Monday, 30 April 2012

April winners & making your own embellishments

At the April Scrapbookers Club meeting, we talked about ‘making our own embellishments’. I showed some examples of how I use die cuts on my layouts and gave a demonstration on how you can use your Big Shot or Cuttlebug to cut some amazing shapes and use them for your scrapbooking :)

The girls that were able to come along had a go at using left over flowers, ribbon, bling and of course all our Spellbinders & Do Hickies to make their own embellishments, and I think they were surprised how quickly they were able to make something very effective.

The Fantasy & Fairytale layouts were fabulous, everyone did really well with this theme and most people enjoyed it :). Some, like myself, did find the concept of 'fantasy' hard to work out in our heads, however once we started it all come together!

This month we asked Paper Flourish teacher, Janine Koczwara, to have a look at the layouts and choose her top 5 using the theme as a guide and what appealed to her personal tastes. Our Winner for April is Joanne Rebeck with her layout Childhood Games. Congratulations Joanne, come on in and collect your prize :)

  1. Joanne Rebeck for Childhood Games
2. Margaret Amphlett
4. Donna Sims
5. Heather Carter
6. Linda Bromley
I am sure some of you are wondering why the very talented Sylvia Perry has again not featured in the top 5, Sylvia has asked to be excluded from the judging :)

The Paper Flourish Girls

Tracey Schulz

Tania Ridgwell 

Master Class Clip - Make your own embellishments


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mixed Media Winners & March Club Meeting

Mixed Media Winners
We started the March Scrapbooker’s Club by defining ‘Art’ and who is an artist! We established we are all artists and we all started somewhere (I even got brave and shared my very first albums). We also learnt to not be so hard on ourselves and not compare our work to others, instead self-critique your work and learn from others.
The layouts and pieces of ART that were presented at the Scapbooker’s Club were outstanding and everyone did an amazing job. Peter was the lucky one to pick his favourite 5 this month.
So congratulations to….
Debby Williams - Winner for dreaming
You are the lucky winner of an American Crafts Prize Pack, come on in and collect your prize.

Cyndy Prettejohn

Joanne Rebbeck

Heather Carter
Linda Bromley

The Paper Flourish Girls
Tracey & Tania's Mixed Media 

Tracey Schulz

Tania Ridgwell

Aprils Theme
Fantasy or Fairy-tale
we meet on Friday 27th April @ 1:00pm, if you cant make it to the club meeting, drop your layout off or email tracey a photo :)

1.             Become observant
·         Identify what you like, then think about why
·         Adapt these techniques and principals into your own work
·         Get out of a rut by trying something new and different
·         Challenge yourself or come along to Scrapbooker’s Club and be challenged

2.            Remove the attachment from your work
·         Trust your instinct
·         Be picky
·         Don’t brush off minor errors
·         Pay attention to the detail
·         Ask a fellow crafter for their opinion
·         Don’t be discouraged

3.            Do I like it?
·         What parts do I like?
·         What feelings does this convey & why?
·         How would you make it better next time?
·         What would I change?
·         If you think something is wrong, it probably is
·         Sleep on it and it will probably be obvious in the morning

4.            You are a ‘Paper Artist’

Composition & Design
D – Design
·         Overall design
·         Rule of thirds

U – Unity
·         All the embellishments that make up your design
·         Does your eye panic?
·         Is there flow so your eye can see everything?

M- Movement
·         What catches your eye first?
·         Create a path for the eye to follow

B – Balance
·         Is there balance in the colour & pattern?
·         Is everything weighted well (you need a lot of light or weigh? out a little bit of dark)
·         Placement
·         Number of elements in 1, 3, 5 etc..

V – Variety

·         Add interest
·         Fine line between and the balance of the number of elements on your page